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An open dialogue


You may have seen the article in the LNP | LancasterOnline. I wanted to share my thoughts directly with you.

I believe it is important for us as elected officials to have open dialogues about issues in our community that is why I suggested a sit-down meeting between the Manheim Township Commissioners, Democratic Party leaders, and Ms. Vasquez when I first learned of the tension between her and a fellow Commissioner. I believe that it is better to communicate, understand each other’s views, and develop solutions than to air grievances on social media and in the press. We are more likely to create a more equitable and inclusive community when we work together.

I also want to express my support for a free press, especially locally. At a time when journalism is under attack by the President and local news outlets face uncertain economic futures, it is important to support journalists and outlets reporting the facts on government at all levels. That is why I was happy to see that after our discussion, LNP | LancasterOnline properly stated that other Commissioners—including myself—never called for Ms. Vasquez’s resignation. I believe in accountability in government and also when reporting on government.

If there is an issue that you see in our community, I want you to feel comfortable approaching me about it. I want us to be able to create the equitable and inclusive Manheim Township that we believe in. Please feel free to email me at

- Tom