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Tonight's Vote on the Stoner Farm Property Proposal

I have recently received questions around my vote on the planned development at the Stoner Farm Property. Tonight, the Commission will vote on the proposal. I will be voting yes on the proposal and would like to explain why.

While it pains me to see this farmland become a housing development, we lack any legal means to stop the development. Since our first vote on the proposal in February, we have sought and received legal guidance. Based on our ordinances, zoning, planning, storm-water regulations, and historical rules, the legal guidance concluded that we lack any legal rationale for stopping the project.

At this point, a no vote would only result in a lengthy and expensive lawsuit for the Township and our taxpayers — a lawsuit would have little to no chance of winning.

It is my belief that we should focus our energy and public resources on controlling traffic, managing storm-water, preserving green space, and protecting our agricultural properties, not on long-shot lawsuits.

We should review and update our zoning, planning, and other ordinances to provide Commissioners with the legal authority to properly deal with these issues. This would be a much better use of our time and our tax payers’ resources to benefit the community.

- Tom