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O'Brien applauds growing resistance to Tax Collector's lawsuit

As a taxpayer, I remain upset about the unnecessary and costly legal battle Tax Collector Patricia Kabel continues to wage against our schools. Kabel has refused to deputize the school district to collect its own taxes at a savings to the taxpayers. Instead, she seeks to profit at the expense of our children.

Those of us in public service cannot let greed be our motivation. Our job is to be careful administrators of public funds. Sadly, Kabel would rather use an outdated law to shortchange MT residents.

Still, I’m heartened by the growing bipartisan resistance to Kabel’s actions. State Sen. Scott Martin has introduced legislation that would allow school districts to collect their own taxes. I applaud Martin’s leadership on this issue. In addition, residents are circulating a petition which calls on Kabel to drop her lawsuit. I have signed it and I hope others will as well. You can find it here.

I hope Kabel will see that the people she represents are dissatisfied with her actions. I urge her to end the lawsuit.