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Statement on MT Tax Collector's lawsuit

Manheim Township Commissioner Tom O'Brien released the following statement regarding Tax Collector Patricia Kabel's lawsuit against the MT School District.

In recent days, I have received many questions about Manheim Township Tax Collector Patricia Kabel's lawsuit against the Manheim Township School District. Many residents have told me they are concerned that Kabel seeks to collect an unnecessary paycheck at the expense of students and taxpayers.

As a parent and taxpayer, I share these concerns. As a Commissioner, however, I want to clarify that there is nothing the Board of Commissioners can do to stop Kabel's lawsuit.

In Pennsylvania, the position of tax collector for a township is an elected position of its own. The tax collector does not report to the Board of Commissioners, and the Board cannot exercise control over the office.

I am nonetheless concerned that Kabel chose to get lawyers involved and risk wasting taxpayer funds instead of simply discussing her issues with the school district.

If you have a question or comment regarding this lawsuit, I encourage you to address them directly to Kabel. Her office's contact information can be found here.