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Auditor General's report presents disturbing account of MT School Board practices

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale’s report on the abuses of the Manheim Township School Board is out and it’s more troubling than I could have ever imagined.

The board wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in what was the most expensive investigation of any school official in state history. The report also noted that the district had a healthy fund balance at the same

time the board told us they needed to cut art and music. The findings were so appalling that they prompted DePasquale to ask “Have you lost your minds? Are you guys nuts?”

Despite this, the MT Republicans called their work a success and attacked the media. “Our community has rallied together to show positive support for the Board and School District that, as this final full performance audit shows, had unwarranted negative reporting by local media,” school board President Mark Anderson said.

This comes after former board President Bill Murry sued Lancaster Newspapers and called its reporting “fake news.”

Unfortunately, it’s clear that the Manheim Township GOP gets their talking points from the White House and would rather blame the media than take responsibility for their actions.

It’s time we fight back.