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Plan for Kia dealership at vacant Lancaster Malleable site presents lost opportunity

I am concerned that turning the vacant Lancaster Malleable site into a Kia dealership is a lost opportunity for our community. While I appreciate and applaud Mr. Sipala's willingness to re-mediate a brownfield site, the land is much too valuable to the future of our community to be used for a car dealership. At a time when transited-oriented development is booming in communities across the country, the site posses great potential for our community by being located adjacent to our Amtrak station. The site should be used in conjunction with Lancaster City and Amtrak to provide better use of mass transit and increase tourism. The site could be better used as a hotel, living space, or mixed-use development. We need leaders who will solicit input from our neighbors and stakeholders to ensure that we plan and provide for our future.