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O'Brien criticizes former MT School Board President's attack on free press

The Former MT School Board President's lawsuit against LNP Media Group is disappointing to our community. Our leaders in Manheim Township have operated under a cloud of secrecy. This lack of transparency has prompted investigations and bred mistrust in local government.

Rather than apologizing and enacting reforms to restore our trust in government, Mr. Murry has doubled down in defense of the board’s questionable practices by attacking the free press. Our community newspaper has an integral role in our democracy by keeping our local leaders accountable to the people.

This attack on the press for doing its job is unacceptable. We deserve better. We need to encourage attendance at local government meetings and value input from the community. We must also reach the community where it is today: online and on social media. Government only works when it works for the people. It’s time we stand up and demand it.