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Why I'm Running

Dear neighbors,

Our values are under attack, not just at the national level, but also right here in Manheim Township. Our leaders have created a culture of mistrust and operate under a cloud of secrecy. They've sold away our future to preserve their re-election chances and they take direction from tea party bosses and their country club pals instead of the people. That’s why I’m running for the Manheim Township Board of Commissioners.

I’ve run before, and I didn’t think I wanted to run again. But we can’t remain silent as our leaders embarrass our community and damage our prosperity. It’s time we fight back.

The fight for the type of country we want for our children starts right here. If we want leaders to put people ahead of party and work for common sense solutions to the problems we face, we must demand it from our local officials.

Here’s my pledge to you: I will always put you first. I won’t shy away from making the hard decisions, but I will ask for your help getting there. I look forward to having these discussions with you over the next several months and learning how together we can restore our pride in Manheim Township.

With appreciation,