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11 Appointed to Police Advisory Committee


I'm glad to be able to share that this week the Board of Commissioners appointed the first 11 members of the Police Advisory Committee.

This has been an eight month process, but it has been incredibly important to see the Committee come to fruition. The members of the PAC represent the diversity of our community and bring a wide-range of experience and expertise. We know that our department already incorporates many best practices when it comes to training and limiting the use of force. Even so, we know that we have a responsibility to continuously improve and provide genuine citizen engagement in the policing of our community. The PAC will report to the Board of Commissioners ways in which the police department can learn, improve, and increase transparency.

I'm proud to have worked on creating the Police Advisory Committee. I'm proud of our officers and our community members who have stepped up for this important work. I hope that you will also engage as the PAC begins its work. As always, please reach out with concerns and questions.

- Tom


The members of the Police Advisory Committee are:

Appointed until January 2025

Jack P. Paskoff

James R. Adams

Jane E. Miron

Moniqua M. Acosta

Appointed until 2024

Ramon Luis Rivera

Adam E. Hosey Michael Tafelski Celso A. Mesias

Appointed until 2023

Robert Walker Chief of Police Thomas Rudzinski Officer Natalie Littlehale