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Issues We Face

Making a Difference

Tom O'Brien will fight to uphold our core values that are under attack. We need to fight the cloud of secrecy that looms above our current leadership. We must fight shortsighted budgeting and enact policies that will allow Manheim Township to thrive for generations to come. Read more about the issues facing Manheim Township and how we, together, can solve them.

Storm Clouds

End the Cloud of Secrecy

The Board of Commissioners has insisted on holding meetings in the the afternoon. Few citizens can attend these meetings.
They won't even even post proposed budgets online.
It's not open government.
We demand more!

Flexible Payment Planning

Budget Responsibly

Our Board of Commissioners has drained our reserve funds. They're spending today, but asking our kids to pay the bill. We need fiscally responsible budgeting for both the short and long term.

Farm 2

Protect Farmland Preservation

Farmland preservation is vital to our community and our economy. We must protect our preserved farmland for the generations to come.

Under Construction

Grow Responsibly

We must ensure our growth is sustainable and does not come at the expense of the quality of life we enjoy in Manheim Township. We must prioritize "in-fill" development in established neighborhoods before granting construction in open areas.

City Traffic at Night

Reduce Traffic

Manheim Township is a dynamic and growing community but, as you know, traffic has become a problem. We must mitigate traffic issues while exploring bicycle infrastructure and while improving the safety of pedestrians. 
Regional transit solutions, in cooperation with government partners, should always be our goal.

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Restore Leadership

We need leaders who are willing to listen to all the people, regardless of party, and who understand that our community will only be at its best when we work together.